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Wheelchair Accessible Taxicabs


  • Each drivers action is geo-fenced and recorded with (GPS location) and time stamp for the action.
  • Receive the exact address for pickup and drop off allowing navigation via built-in Google Maps.
  • Capture rider’s signature electronically at drop off (optional).
  • Receive and send, typed and canned message from driver to the back office.
  • For safe driving, all messages to drivers are read-out orally.
  • PTT capabilities to send and receive calls from the back office.

Vehicle Monitoring & Tracking

Vehicle Monitoring & Tracking IT Curves’ in vehicle driver terminals reports Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) periodically. Vehicle location messages not only register the exact status of the driver/vehicle status including logged in, Occupied or signed off but also includes the vehicle direction and speed. IT Curves’ system provides a rich interface for back office users where all the registered vehicles’ current location and state can be monitored on the Google Maps with the refresh rate of 10 – 15 seconds. The interface also provides additional features as described below • Monitor all vehicles current location • Monitor current logged in driver • View unperformed rides with pickup location, requested time and assigned vehicle if any, • Live traffic patterns in the area • Send and receive text messages to drivers

C2D and D2C Feature

  • C2D and D2C feature to call to the individual rider without revealing rider phone number to the driver and driver phone number to the rider.
  • Call out on arrival to the pickup location 

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Mobility Solutions is one of the largest and most reliable non-emergency medical transportation services provider in the region of Nashville, Tennessee

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